About Us

The Urban Unit

The Urban Unit 2006 – 2021

The Urban Unit was established in 2005 as a Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Planning and Development Department under Government of the Punjab. In 2012, the PMU was transformed into an independent private sector company, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and is fully owned by Government of the Punjab.

Who We Are

Developing sustainable urban solutions has been part of the Urban Unit’s ethos since the company laid its foundations 15 years ago. We redefine the narrative of development in the country; from dogmatic adherence of rural development models towards harnessing the benefits of agglomeration, industrialization and the creation of 'system of cities' for accelerated economic growth.

Leaders in developing capacity building methods as a cornerstone of technical assistance through close partnerships, we also provide IT-based tailored solutions developed in-house, considering the requirements of our clients and partner organizations.

What Do We Do

The mandate of The Urban Unit is to give policy advice and services to public and private sector organization in the areas that include inter alia Housing and Urban Planning, Spatial Planning, Urban Transport, Solid Waste Management, Water & Sanitation, Urban Economic & Municipal Finance, Institutional Development, Capacity Building and Service Delivery Improvement using its highly reliable GIS based analytics. Besides all technical areas, we lend considerable consultation and support in communication, branding, marketing and stakeholder engagement where and when required.

Vision Statement

To become gold source of DATA for Pakistan, assisting the government in policy formulation and strategy execution


Data for Policy & Strategy
Data for Knowledge & Innovation


The Urban Unit is working to facilitate the government in formulating policies and execute strategies using evidence-based data-driven Decision Support System – assisting them in achieving their development/service delivery targets by adaptation as a proactive approach through Big Data Analysis, Information Visualization, Predictive Modelling and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

It is using the confluence of Big Data, Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence to support government departments in adopting latest paradigms such as Industry 4.0, Integrated Smart Agriculture revolution, and digitizing knowledge-oriented service economy.