PSS Launch


The Punjab Spatial Strategy (PSS) developed as part of the Jobs and Competitiveness (J&C) Programme of the Planning & Development Board and the World Bank, is a key strategic initiative of the Punjab Government to usher in a new era of evidence based planning for the province of Punjab. This key strategy document has been prepared by an elaborate effort on part of the Urban Unit, that has carefully crafted the contours for development in the province going forward till the year 2047. This is the first time a spatial approach has been used to assess the future growth nodes and corridors of the province and to set in place a framework for a more sustainable approach towards development.

Launch of Punjab Spatial Strategy is organised to apprise all stakeholders of its approval and implementation process. This is an opportunity for all concerned officials and international experts to share their thoughts on the strategy and will be the culmination of various stakeholder engagements organised through the life time of the project.