Sindh Urban Immoveable Property Tax

The Finance Department, Government of Sindh, in collaboration with the World Bank has rolled out Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project (SPSMRP) with the aim to strengthen Public Sector Performance through improved revenue generation and expenditure management. The Economic Reform Unit, Finance Department under TA component of World Bank loan, has hired the services of The Urban Unit, Punjab as consulting firm in Pakistan to support the Government in Sindh Tax Reform Plan. Its support entails Android based GIS integrated survey of Property Tax and Professional Tax in the city area of District Sukkur, Sindh, for eventual scale up to the entire province.

Apart from improving the existing system of assessment and collection of property tax and professional tax, the project will also support ET&NC Department, Government of Sindh in terms of capacity building of staff through extensive trainings, hence resulting in better policies and service delivery through objectives mentioned below.

The establishing of an automated, transparent and robust Property Tax and Professional Tax Assessment & Collection System in district Sukkur, Sindh using alternate technologies through Android Based GIS integrated Survey and Computerization of all Property Tax and Professional Tax records, with the scope of replication in entire Sindh is the primary objective of the project.