Brick Kilns Census Punjab

Chief Minister Punjab took an initiative in Punjab to eradicate child labour at brick kilns in wake of the prohibition of child labor from Punjab Province. The Urban Unit started pilot census in January, 2016. The GIS imagery was used to identify the Brick Kilns in Punjab because the location of Brick Kilns bears the specific satellite signature through which it can easily be identified.

As a result of this exercise about 10,000 Brick Kilns were identified. The survey team visited these places to collect data as per requirements of Labour Department and for collection of data android application was used through which the pictures and locations of Brick Kilns as well as pictures of head of families working at Brick Kilns were received and sent up to the system on real time basis. The details of family members were collected on hard copy forms. After that data was entered against their family heads in the systems, a comprehensive dash board was developed to show all the data.

Data management and data entry work was accomplished in house at the Urban Unit. Internal teams developed a complete mechanism to enter information from census forms into database. Data of 126766 children have been collected. Information of families and pictures of family heads and brick kilns also uploaded in database.