Improvement of Solid Waste Management Services in Fort Munro

The Urban Unit has been engaged by Fort Munro Development Authority (FMDA) for improvement of Solid Waste Management Services. Scope of the work for The Urban Unit is to prepare a comprehensive feasibility report regarding existing municipal solid waste management situation in Fort Munro. Further it involves the following task;

·         Propose the economic and environmental sound SWM Model

·         Preparation of the Bidding Documents (Under PEPRA Rules) on behalf of FMDA

·         Selection of Firm and work award

·         Preparation of Monitoring Plan for FMDA

The Urban Unit has been assigned the tasks of improvement of solid waste management in Fort Munro area by Fort Munro development authority (FMDA). The Urban Unit will develop the bid documents and involve in throughout the process of outsourcing the Solid Waste Management Services (Collection, Transportation and Disposal) till final selection of competitive firm for the execution of the Services.