Punjab Rural Roads Programme (PRRP)

Government of Punjab has launched Punjab Rural Road Program (PRRP) - the biggest project of widening, repair, rehabilitation and construction of rural roads in the history of Punjab. PRRP is aimed at laying a network of rural roads in all districts of the province while improving and rehabilitating existing roads that were in a deteriorated condition for quite some time. In addition to reconstruction of these roads, the width of roads of rural areas will be increased from 10 feet to 12 feet.

In order to make the project a paragon and a model for future endeavors, multiple steps have been taken including third party validation to maintain high standards of quality and online monitoring of the project. The project will directly benefit the rural dwellers and will lead to strengthening of rural economy through better access to markets, schools, colleges, hospitals and job opportunities.

For transparent monitoring physical work and financial utilization of these roads, the Urban Unit developed web-based online system integrated with Geographical Information System (GIS) for real time monitoring and view the data, progress and comments/remarks uploaded by Communication &Works Department, Resident Engineers, Third Party Consultants and Visitors using android application. PRRP Monitoring dashboard provides the detailed summary, pictorial evidences and geographical analysis of rural roads.