Sampling Framework of Urban WASH Survey in Punjab

The Urban Unit provided technical support to the World Bank for creation of the sampling framework for urban WASH survey in Punjab. This survey aimed to collect detailed information on water access & quality, sanitation & health behaviors and practices among urban households differentiated by neighborhood and locality characteristics (size & type) of urban area.

To sample urban households, a detailed classification of urban areas by size and economic characters was undertaken. In addition, small towns in peri urban areas, not formally designated as urban, were also identified by multi-criteria mapping.

Scope of Work & Deliverables

1. Urban Boundary

Urban boundaries were demarcated by applying an algorithm of 1km buffer (for Municipal Corporations) & 200m Buffer (for Municipal Committees) that covered more than 50% of built-up area.

2. Excise & Taxation Boundaries

·         Demarcation of Excise & Taxation boundaries (Circles/Localities/Blocks)

·         Assignment of Grades to the Localities


·         Divisions of Blocks with maximum 650 Parcels Max (Municipal Corporations) & maximum 350 Parcels Max (Municipal Committees)

·         Divisions of Blocks with maximum 350 Parcels Max

·         Assignment of unique ID number to each locality/block/ segment

·         Mapping of low, middle & high income neighborhood in all Property Tax circles


3. Non-Tax Areas Boundary

·         Demarcation of area where Excise & Taxation structures do not exist

·         Blocks were selected which covered area more than 50,000 sq. m.

·         Divisions of selected blocks with maximum 350 parcel count max.


4. Rural Union Council with Urban Characteristics

·         Identification of settlements that have been notified as Rural UCs having urban characteristics and mapped their natural boundaries using satellite imagery

·         Identification of Non-Notified Settlements in Punjab having same urban characteristics by applying an algorithm that uses Built-up Coverage & Nightlight Data.