Restoration & Up-gradation of Mall Road, Murree

The Urban Unit has embarked on restoration and upgrading of the Murree Mall road as a part of the Prime Minister's program for the beautification of Murree and provision of facilities to tourists. The project seeks to preserve and highlight the historical character of the Murree Mall Road and safeguard it against decay in the future. In addition, the restoration will upgrade the existing drainage, sewerage road and electrification infrastructure of Mall Road to improve the aesthetics of the area, enable the easier passage to the tourists and improve the capacity of the space to withstand the elements and heavy commercial use.


The renovation and restoration process is currently underway keeping following objectives in consideration:

Restoration and preservation of the Mall's historic buildings facades to reflect the aesthetics of old Murree

Transformation of facades of the modern buildings to echo the same historical aesthetics

Development of high quality, user friendly pedestrian, public spaces and facilities

Development and refinement of green spaces

Establishment of  area as a Special Notified Zone under the Land Use Rules to safeguard the Mall road in the future