Hospital Waste Management in Punjab

The urban unit has been assigned the task to develop a project document for the Improvement of Hospital Waste Management System in Punjab. The project has been assigned to Urban Unit from Government of Punjab with the aim to improve the health and quality of life for all, particularly women and children, through access to essential health services.

The project document will help the concerned authorities in understanding the current situation, identification of problematic areas and customized solutions along with strategic management and operational model.

Hospital Waste is a special type of waste that may cause much bigger harm to the environment and public health as compared with the municipal waste. It carries much higher risk of contamination when mixed with any other type of waste. Hospital Waste Management requires special attention and processes. It requires active sorting at source, special handling on site, and transport to the feasible disposal facility.

Most of the hospitals in the country and Punjab province lack hospital waste management systems and hospital waste ends up along with municipal wastes causing danger to environment and public health. In this regard The Urban Unit has conducted a study and prepared “Project Document- Health Care Waste Management Treatment & Disposal Lahore’. The said document has highly been praised by competent authorities and a request was made to The Urban Unit to conduct a similar study on assessment / analysis for the prevailing situation of health waste and its management practices in the hospitals of all of Punjab. The Urban Unit with its profound experience in conducting such assessments is expected to come up with highly professional, localized and implementable project document.

The Urban Unit is also planning an international conference and expo for health care waste management by mid of August 2017. This event would be integrated in to this project. International experts and solution providers would be invited to the event. This would provide in-depth know how about the issue and would also provide first-hand information regarding suitable solutions and investors’ interest in this field.

It is expected that conduction of the said event would further help to improve and finalize the project document. It may also provide an opportunity to have national or international service providers involved even on Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model. In any case the event would certainly assist in getting to the most feasible solution for health care waste management problems of Country and especially Punjab province.