Restructuring and Capacity Building of EPA Punjab for Effective Enforcement of Environmental Standards in Punjab

The Urban Unit has undertaken a project of EPA Punjab to improve environmental governance in Punjab through organizational restructuring, revamp of the operating model, strengthening the regulatory framework, building capacities for present and future needs, improving environmental monitoring & assessment and providing technology enabled solutions where practical and efficient.

The Urban Unit will specifically provide technical assistance and ICT based solutions to EPD and it will be overall responsible to deliver all institutional, financial/economic, legal and technical deliverables.

The project scope of work covers;


The expected project outcomes will be;

Transparent and efficient environmental Policy, Governance & Regulation for sustainable development

Enhanced institutional capacity and decreased processing times for environmental approval and management decisions

Effective environmental assessments, management and monitoring to reduce environmental externalities

Increased sensitivity to business and stakeholder needs and environmental reporting

Fit for purpose organization with timely, intelligent and technology assisted decision making capability at policy levelp

Establishing vertical and horizontal linkages to achieve economy of effort and synergies & engagement of community and civil society