Asset Management of Pakistan Railways Land by GIS Based Computerization and Development of Database Software for MIS

Pakistan Railways entered into a contract agreement with the Urban Unit on March 16th 2015 to embark upon the task of GIS based Land Management System of lands of Pakistan Railways. The project titled “Asset management of Pakistan Railways Land by GIS based computerization and Development of database software for MIS”, of Pakistan Railways Land, is a vision of the present leadership to use technology for effective and efficient management of one of the most important asset i.e. land - economic corridor for the organization.

The current project is independently been acclaimed by various entities as one of the most successful automation projects completed over a period of last two years. The Standing Committee of Senate and Asian Development Bank has appreciated the system developed jointly by Pakistan Railways and Urban Unit.

Now the teams of the Urban Unit and Pakistan Railways are making deliberations for implementation of system to all the hierarchical levels of Directorate of Property & Lands. For this purpose the Urban Unit shall enter into a Service Level Agreement with Pakistan Railways to provide technical and human resource support for automation of process flow in accordance with institutional settings of Pakistan Railways Land Management System. Hence, this system is anticipated to become Decision Support System for the land management of Pakistan Railways. The system may prove a new economic corridor for Pakistan Railways.