Segregation Treatment & Disposal (STD) Facility for Solid Waste Management in Sahiwal City

The Urban Unit solid waste management sector is focused on modernizing the municipal solid waste management systems through upgradation of technology, capacity building, institutional restructuring and financially sustainable solutions. One of the flagship project is Segregation Treatment & Disposal project proposed in Sahiwal City.

The project aims at exploiting the economic potential of the MSW through recovery of recyclables, RDF and compost production; a material sorting and composting facility (STD Facility) is being established in Sahiwal enabling TMA Sahiwal to initiate the waste diversion from the open dumping or landfilling. The project is expected to be operational by December 2017.

Main activities include the following:-


 Material Sorting Facility for recovering of the Recyclables (Plastic, Paper, Glass, Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Tetra Pack, cardboard etc.) and combustibles for production of Refused Derived Fuels (RDF)


     Production of the compost from the organic/ putrescible waste

     Production of RDF which can be used be used as fuel 


                 Safe disposal of the remaining inert waste on scientific basis