Governance Initiative


  • Minister Finance meets the PSS Panel of Experts


    Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht, Minister of Finance (Punjab) was briefed on Punjab Spatial Strategy and its objectives. Abid Hussainy Chief Operating Officer (A) Urban Unit introduced two experts, Dr. Sebastian Elbe and Dr. Suleiman Abu Kharmeh. The panel further explained their roles as the technical experts, who through their advice and oversight, are leading the charge on development of a world-class spatial strategy.

    PSS experts praised the authenticity and localization of Punjab Spatial Strategy, crediting the excellent team assembled by Urban Unit. He explained that Core Strategy document is the culmination of work that started with sector specific technical analysis, and has been condensed into a palatable format. They briefed Minister of the work being done to furnish the implementation framework for PSS. The consultants expressed desire to start hands-on engagement with stakeholder departments, and to start incorporating the suggestions in PSS.

    Minister Finance said that it was high time to introduce the spatial lens into the planning process. He instructed the Unit team to integrate PSS with the SMART programme and the newly drafted Agri-policy of Agriculture Department. He asked the Unit to immediately start working with the stakeholder departments, especially Education and Health. He also directed the Unit to assist the departments in integrating spatial component for 2 - 3 years until it becomes part of their procedure.