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16 Weekends Post Graduate Diploma in Solid Waste Management Overview

Enormous solid waste quantities being produced daily are becoming a hazard with passage of time. Increased population and economic growth is leading to increased and diversified types of solid waste being generated in Pakistan. This, in turn, is producing much more complex Solid Waste Management (SWM) problem for the authorities and service providers.

Government of the Punjab, for better solid waste management, constituted Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) in 2010. It became a success story and has set new service delivery standards. In recent past, six more waste management companies have been established in major cities of Punjab (Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, DG Khan, Sialkot and Rawalpindi). There is a dearth of professionals in the field. The employed workforce needs proper training that could improve efficiency of the newly established waste management companies.

In view of the above, UET Lahore, as leading engineering education institute may take lead to provide trained professionals in this very important field. The Urban Unit, approached worthy Vice Chancellor UET to initiate “16 Weekend Post Graduate Diploma in Solid Waste Management” This Diploma in Solid Waste Management aims at bridging the gap between the theory and practical related to SWM. Additionally, it would also introduce international best practices and experiences.

This Diploma aims at bridging the gap between the theory and practical issues related to SWM. The classes will be scheduled enabling the professionals engaged in SWM to attend and enhance their capacity. In this regard, The Urban Unit has already been providing technical assistance to stakeholders leading to the required capacity building of the key actors. Quality lectures would be delivered by experts working in SWM sector along with practical sessions being conducted at sites.

Learning Objectives

Following are three Major Objectives of the Diploma:
  1. To provide in-depth knowledge regarding development of sustainable SWM projects on technical,institutional and financial grounds
  2. Provision of skills necessary to manage SWM services on ground
  3. Facilitate national and international cooperation among different stakeholders

Expected Outcomes

Following are the expected outcomes of the Diploma:
  1. In-depth provision of know how about SWM
  2. Understanding of different phases of SWM including storage, collection, transport and optimization of the whole system
  3. Detailed training regarding composting & landfill disposal method
  4. Understanding the handling process for the special wastes including hospital, construction & demolition etc
  5. Ability to devise effective and suitable monitoring and evaluation systems